Skin - A Window To Our Health

My skin shows everything. I've gotten rashes, acne, cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins and scars…and that's all by the time I turned 16. Is it a curse, or - as my husband tries to tell me - is it a blessing? I'd have to say a little of both.

Skin Problems = Curse

Obviously, from a beauty perspective, it's a curse. I have or do struggle with almost every major skin problem. There are a few I have escaped, and the ones I have I keep under pretty tight control. Still, I have a pretty good list.

If there's someone qualified to test out products and procedures to see what works for skin problems - it's me. My body is stubborn. No easy fixes here. I'll still share with you things that worked for others, because they might work for you too. If it actually worked for me, however, then it has truly passed a difficult test.

I have often wished that things were easier for me, that what works for others would work for me, or that I simply never had the problems in the first place. This is where the wise, yet thoroughly annoying, words of my husband come in: “Your skin problems are a blessing.”

Skin Problems = Blessing

What!?! My skin problems are a blessing? “Yes,” he told me, “Your skin is a mirror that reflects your health. Some people's mirrors don't show them so clearly what's going on inside of their bodies. Yours is a very effective messenger.” Great! I wish it would shut up. I mean, how about a mute button? Even alarms have snooze buttons. Ultimately, however, he is right.

My skin is communicating with me. It tells me when it doesn't like a food, medicine, supplement, face cream, perfume or cleaning product. It shows me when I'm not getting enough sleep, enough nutrients, enough exercise, or anything else my body needs. It communicates quickly so that I can more effectively determine the problem. Some people first learn that there's a problems when an important organ stops functioning properly, or when the doctor tells them they have cancer. I have been blessed with early warning signs that something is wrong, and it's a good thing that I can't mute it.

What About You?

How well does your mirror work? Do you have another way that your body tells you something is wrong? Share with us and let's all learn together how to better listen to our bodies.

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Caleb commented on 20-Jan-2015 08:34 AM
I would be just as shocked if a doctor told me by bad skin could be a blessing. But if it helps identify a health issue I would completely agree that it is a blessing.
Natasha Renée Hayes commented on 20-Jan-2015 12:58 PM
Caleb - Thanks for your comment. It's hard to remember to see it as a blessing sometimes, but it is an early warning sign of a lot of things...and a regular reminder to make healthy choices...even when I don't feel like it. :)
Best Korean Skincare review commented on 07-Apr-2016 03:43 PM
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