Never Be Sick Again

Health - A Gift To Yourself and Others

There are a lot of great books out there and continuing our education on the health of our bodies is a must. No matter how many books I read, however, this one - Never Be Sick Again, by Raymond Francis, M.Sc., - seems to capture and lay the foundation for about every single problem we have, in regards to our health. You really need to read the whole book to get all that it has, but I'll give you the two main concepts to healing and never being sick:

  1. Detox - get rid of the poisons that afflict your body so that it can heal itself
  2. Nourish - give your body the tools it needs to heal itself

These two concepts are simple and so obvious when we think about it. Get rid of the bad and bring in the good.

Note: These concepts are largely preventative maintenance. Once someone is sick, more may be needed for healing. It's important to remember, however, that what is needed to prevent a problem is still needed when “fixing” the problem, so the foundation for healing an illness is the same as preventing it.

Never Be Sick Again, by Raymond Francis, M.Sc.,

Detox: Get Rid of the Bad

The body is designed to self heal. There are things, however, that can block the body from maximum performance and healing. We come into contact with things everyday that our bodies need to filter and dispose of. A clog in one of these filters can result in serious health problems.

There's only so much time and energy the body has to spend on maintaining itself. The more it spends on getting rid of the garbage, the less it has for repairs. Without regular repairs, things begin to function at a lower level or even shut down. It's important to limit our exposure to toxic substances, take steps to clean out our body's filters, and aid it in the regular elimination of unwanted substances.

Nourish: Bring in the Good

Again, the body is designed to self heal. Don't mistake that to mean, however, that it doesn't need tools to do that. We wouldn't need to eat if our bodies didn't require specific nutrients to live. Proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats - these are all needed to maintain and repair your body.

What About You?

What steps do you take to never be sick again?

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