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HCG Diet - Phase 4: Maintain

HCG Phase 4: Maintain

Phase 4 is about Maintaining everything you've earned and learned during Each phase of the HCG Diet. You've transitioned from the “aid” of the hCG hormone and Stabilized your body, your choices, your habits, your thinking, and your actions. Now you are ready to maintain – all of those For Life!!!

HCG Diet Phase 4 Specifics

  • No “forbidden” foods
  • Slowly reintroduce starches and sugars
  • Establish healthy, lifestyle eating choices
  • Continue to focus on portion control
  • Utilize “Steak Days” to keep our weight stabilized

There's also a lot you've learned during the previous phases. You need to take this knowledge with you into your future choices. Let's reflect:

During Phase 1

You saw the negative effects of overeating. Though your emotional and mental desires may have been satisfied during this phase, you saw the damage done to your body. You may have experienced your body asking you to “stop”, as you actually looked forward to the low calorie phase.

You may have experienced sluggishness, water retention and problems with you bowels. Your weigh scale showed you just how bad the story would be, if you continued such habits. You know that the kind of eating you did in this phase would not be a healthy, lifestyle eating choice.

This isn't to say that you are never allowed the foods you consumed during this phase. Simply that, consistently consuming high-fat, high-calorie foods will always be detrimental to your goals.

During Phase 2

You definitely saw that calorie consumption makes a huge difference to the weight you carry on your body. Though you won't continue on an extremely low calorie diet, you are now more aware of what you put in your body and can ask yourself “Is it worth it?”

You don't absentmindedly eat without realizing that, by choosing a different food option, you can eat more, be equally satisfied and not “break the bank” of a healthy daily calorie consumption.

During this phase, you also saw your stomach shrink. Many have gone through surgery to manually shrink their stomachs because it is proven that when you can't eat more without making yourself sick, you will eat less. Also, people often like the feeling of “being full”.

We mentally associate that feeling with being satisfied, and without it, we're often still searching for something more to eat – just something to nibble on. Your stomach is designed to shrink and expand in order to accommodate your eating.

Prolonged large meals will, over time, expand your stomach to the point where you can no longer feel “full” without overeating. During this phase, you “reset” your stomach size, so that you feel satisfied with a small, healthy portion size. Don't stretch it back out again.

During Phase 3

By cutting out sugars and starches, and making sure to consume lean proteins and vegetables, you saw how full you can still get while keeping your calories low. Lean proteins and veggies are low in calories, so you are able to eat more of them without affecting your calorie consumption.

They are also slow digesting, which allows you to feel satisfied longer. Making sure to incorporate more proteins and vegetables in your meals will help you “fill-up” on nutrient dense, low calorie foods.

You also see how much easier it is to control your weight when you limit your starches and sugars. Now that they are reintroduced in your diet, make smart choices and keep them limited to small portions and don't consume them with every meal. Simple food choices like these make all the difference when trying to maintain weight without calorie counting.

You simply learn what the nutrient dense, low calorie foods are; choose to make them the staples of your diet and your daily calorie consumption will go down.

So, take the things you’ve learned from each of these phases and keep them with you as you go forward to maintain what you've earned.

What Now?

There is a lot of flexibility that you now have, and the choices you make depend on your goals.

  • You may still have more you want to lose and plan to go through another cycle or more of the HCG Diet.
  • You may have achieved your goals and simply want to maintain where you are now.
  • You may be satisfied with the fat loss that you've achieved and would now like to add lean body mass.

Each of these goals has a different eating and fitness programs that is needed to achieve them. We explore these further in our Beyond The HCG Diet section.

What better way o get help than to discuss your situation with someone who's been there or going through it with you.

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