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HCG Diet - Phase 3: Stabilize

HCG Phase 3: Stabilize

Phase 3 is about Stabilizing the unusual results you achieved in Phase 2, and Establishing your new, leaner weight as The new standard for your body!

Why Stabilize?

During Phase 2, you increased the hCG hormone in your body and followed an extremely low calorie diet. Now that you have stopped taking the HCG, your body needs time to stabilize and establish your results as the new standard, before you introduce too many changes. This phase is not about weight-loss. Your main focus is keeping your weight stabile as you slowly increase your calories and reintroduce fats and dairies into your diet. Without taking the time to stabilize, you risk losing the fantastic results you have achieved.

(Note - Phase 2 can be repeated again after this 3-6 week stabilization phase, if more fat loss is desired, however, Phase 3 is still an extremely important part of this process.)

HCG Diet Phase 2 Specifics

  • Not taking the hCG hormone (You stopped 3 days before the end of Phase 2.)
  • 3 weeks long
  • Continue to avoid starches and sugars
  • Slowly reintroduce fats and dairy products
  • Focus on portion control instead of specific portion sizes
  • Utilize “Steak Days” to keep your weight stabilized (or use a vegan or vegetarian equivalent)

As you transition away from regulated calorie restrictions and portion sizes, it's important that you still focus on good portion control. It's easy to overeat, once the “reins” are taken off, but that can be detrimental to your results.

The specific “allowed foods list” is now open to include all foods except sugars and starches. For three weeks, you will slowly reintroduce moderate amounts of these foods back into your diet.

It is important to introduce these new foods slowly and watch for bad reactions from your body. Each body is different and what may be fine for one person may cause weight gain or poor digestion in another. This is a great opportunity to discover the foods you might want to “weed out” from your diet (or at least cut back on them).

Stomach Shrinkage

During Phase 2, your stomach actually shrank - you “reset” your stomach size, so that you feel satisfied with a small, healthy portion size. This will help tremendously with portion control! However, since your stomach is designed to shrink and expand in order to accommodate your eating habits, if you get back to eating large portion sizes, your stomach will happily expand back to the point where you can no longer feel “full” without overeating. So, don't stretch it back out again.

Steak Day

Phase 3 also introduces the “steak day”, which is used if you ever exceeded the lowest weight, achieved during Phase 2, by more than 2 pounds. (This 2 pounds allows for the variation that you will see based on the foods that you may still have in your digestive system.) If you gain more than 2 pounds, you either:

  • Ate something your body reacted badly to (causing water retention),
  • Ate a food that was outside the dietary guidelines (starches or sugars), or
  • Perhaps you need to re-evaluate your portion sizes.

Either way, a “steak day” will give you a reset and allow you to get back on-track again. Check out the Steak Day Specifics.

  • Transition slowly
  • Weigh yourself every morning
  • Try to use organic and hormone-free foods when possible.
  • Follow this phase of the diet in a doctor-supervised program if you have specific medical problems or concerns.
  • Have fun with this Phase
  • Overeat
  • Become number obsessed
  • Have more than one “steak day” in a row.
  • Stress over it

Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Steak Day:

It's important that you do a “steak day” on the day you see that you have increased more than two pounds above the lowest weight you achieved.

Introducing Foods Back Into Our Diets:

Each body is different. The same food that feeds and gives energy to one body can cause bloating, weight gain and even allergies in another. Now is a great opportunity to see if there are any foods that cause these negative affects and choose alternatives.

Introduce foods back into your diet slowly - one at at time. If there are our any signs that your body may be negatively affected, stop eating them and test it again later. If the same reaction occurs, look for alternatives. You have now found a food that is working against you.

Healthy Fat Options:

  • Nuts
  • Avocados
  • Olive/Flax oil salad dressings

Phase 3 is about establishing everything you've earned and learned during the HCG Diet Phase 2. Transitioning from the “aid” of the HCG hormone and stabilizing your body, your choices, your habits, your thinking, and your actions – so that you CAN go into the next phase of Maintaining – all of those - for life!!!

What better way to get help than to discuss your situation with someone who's been there or going through it with you.

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