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HCG Diet - Injections vs Drops

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Which HCG Drops Are NOT Real HCG?

The HCG drops you see advertised are not real HCG if they are referred to as:

  • Homeopathic HCG drops
  • HCG releasers
  • HCG peptides

The hCG drops that can be bought at your local Wal-Mart or online without a prescription are simply a few cents worth of grain alcohol placed in an official-looking bottle with a pretty label, impressive packaging, and glossy instructions. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

If you've heard of people who have had great results with these fake hCG drops, we explain how that can happen and the side effects that can accompany it below.

Which HCG Drops ARE Real HCG?

  • Real Pharmaceutical HCG usually requires a prescription. (Check out our Purchase Real HCG page for how to get your prescription from a phone consultation.)
  • Pure, pharmaceutical grade HCG ---- the injectable stuff that really works---is still effective when taken sublingually.
  • There are pharmaceutical grade HCG drops - the same liquid can be injected or dropped under the tongue. There are also small, quickly-dissolving HCG pellets available.
  • Pharmaceutical HCG CAN  be taken under the tongue, but usually requires a double dose to be as effective as injecting it directly.

There are a lot of companies out there who, whether by design or ignorance (some are well-meaning people), are making and promoting fake hCG. Remember, homeopathic HCG drops, HCG releasers and HCG peptides are all impostors.

For 100% Prescription HCG, see Purchase REAL HCG.

Real Results With Fake HCG

You can still lose weight with the fake HCG because of the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), but there are side effects. We know this personally, as our first round with The HCG Diet, we got caught by the fake "HCG Drops". We saw results, but not quite as good as those we later achieved with real HCG, nor those reported by clinics that work with real HCG, and it wasn't without consequence. Let me break it down for you.

What is often referred to as the "HCG Diet" is made up of two equally important ingredients:

If you are looking for fat loss, we say "equally important," because one won't work well without the other.

Each of the two has different, synergistic functions:

  • The HCG hormone is used to unlock unwanted fat and tells your body to use it for energy, while sparing your muscle and keeping you from being hungry.
  • Dr. Simeons' Diet is a program designed to provide enough protein and nutrients while keeping the calories extremely low, making sure your body is not getting its energy needs met by the food you eat.

Now, as we found out, you can lose weight rapidly on this diet alone, without real HCG. You will not get any of the benefits of the real HCG (protecting muscle, unlocking trapped fat, resetting metabolism, preventing physical hunger, etc.). The results that we had, during our first trial, came from the fact that we were on a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), but their were some frustrating side effects.

Side Effects of the HCG Diet Without Real HCG

Following 3 weeks of the diet without the real HCG hormone in our systems, we noted that:

  • For us women, we lost a lot of breast size and shape. This was because we were losing a lot of fat and did not have HCG protecting our breast tissue, as it is designed to do during pregnancy.
  • In the third week of the diet we began losing a lot of muscle mass. The HCG hormone protects muscle and unlocks trapped fat for energy use. Without it, our bodies started to scale down and prepare for famine.
  • The unhealthy fat we actually wanted to lose (legs and hips and post-pregnancy belly-fat) was the last to go. Dr. Simeons talks about this in his manuscript - HCG unlocks the trapped fat and makes it available for the body to use.
  • My husband actually bailed out of this diet (HCG diet without real HCG) partway through the 3rd week, because he was getting too thin (6% body fat) and still had that hated belly fat pouch. Later, on a round of real HCG, that fat pouch was quick to go.
  • All of us began disliking our skin tone as we headed into the third week. Although we stuck to the Phase 2 Diet until the end of the 3rd week, our skin was looking old and dry.  HCG doesn't only unlock trapped fat, but it keeps nutrients cycling through the body for maximum use. Without real hCG to direct the burning of fat for energy and the recycling of other necessary materials, our skin simply wasn’t keeping up with rebuilding new tissue. This is exactly what doctors are worried about for people who follow a Very Low Calorie Diet without real HCG—the body starts shutting down skin and tissue repair, especially in the 3rd and 4th weeks.
  • We all found that we were hungry and headachy a lot during the day, especially in the 3rd week. Everyone will deal with mental hunger at some point during a diet—we are used to eating—but with real HCG in the body, physical hunger (caused by ghrelin) is mostly turned off.

When You Need The Full HCG Protocol

The full HCG Protocol (real HCG + Diet) is needed if:

  • You have difficulty losing fat. Other diets have not worked for you.
  • You have specific areas you can’t seem to lose fat from (even if you lose it easily from other areas).
  • You are a woman who wants to maintain her natural breast size even while sliming elsewhere.
  • You (especially referring to men, here) need to rebalance your body’s hormonal system while "cutting" after a “bulking cycle.”
  • You want to reset your body's metabolism and lose stubborn, trapped fat.

Summary of Real HCG - Injections vs. Drops

Please, don’t waste your money or your health by going on The HCG Diet without the real, pharmaceutical grade HCG hormone.

  • The real pharmaceutical grade HCG hormone usually requires a prescription (Check out our Buy Real HCG page for how to get your prescription from a phone consultation).
  • Pharmaceutical HCG CAN be taken under the tongue, but usually requires a double dose to be as effective as injecting it directly.

If you’re looking for a weight-loss program that has the ability to reset your body’s metabolism and/or are looking for a way to permanently lose unsightly fat from specific areas of your body, then Dr. Simeon’s Protocol of real HCG + The HCG Diet is for you.