HCG Diet, Lose one to one and one half pounds a day

Unlock Trapped Fat, Protect Metabolism, Protect Muscle

HCG Diet

HCG Diet - The HCG Diet Difference

It targets FAT!

Not all weight is created equal.

Why do most diets, that help people lose weight, fail in the long-term? They fail because they don't differentiate between losing fat and losing muscle. Even when we know better, we often fall into the faulty mindset of "losing or gaining five pounds." Five pounds of what? Fat is what you want to lose, not muscle, when you are dieting. Have you ever seen someone go through a program that has them losing fat while keeping their muscle? They look good!

They kept all the extra muscle their body used to need to carry all their extra fat around. Have you ever talked to someone who has done this? Not only are they proud of their new shape, they also are energized, not weak and tired. If this is what you're looking for, following the HCG protocol will make you one of these people. The HCG Diet is for you!

The HCG Diet Protocol requires two, equally important ingredients::

A very specific diet Real HCG & Dont's

The Diet

The HCG Diet focuses on losing fat while helping your body preserve muscle.

It's a combination of

  • high protein
  • nutrient-rich, high-fiber vegetables and fruits
  • extremely low fats
  • extremely low calories


The HCG, if it is real and bioactive, dictates where your fat-loss comes from. This is important because many of us have "locked fat" that we haven't been able to lose, no matter what diet we were on. My husband often had nightmares of dieting down to being so skinny the he was a walking skeleton---but still had that hated pouch of stomach fat hanging on for dear life!

Whether it's

  • his gut that stays while the biceps and quads vanish,
  • her thighs that won't budge, as she watches her bra size dwindle,
  • her post-pregnancy pouch that everyone tells her is permanent unless she does lipo, or
  • if you struggle to lose any fat at all, even though you starve yourself on salads and exercise until you're dizzy.

All of the above symptoms are linked to a specific disorder that HCG treats, unlocking unhealthy, unwanted fat, and making it available for your body to use as energy.

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The HCG Diet Combination

This combination of HCG and a specific low-calorie diet, rich in high protein foods, is the fastest, most effective, and healthy way to reshape our bodies. We have the HCG itself "unlocking" body fat storage—telling the body to use that fat, instead of your muscle, for energy. The HCG hormone prevents your body from slowing your metabolism (energy production) and, during the time of extremely low calorie intake, keeps the "hunger monster" at bay. HCG, paired with the specific low-calorie HCG Diet, is unique in the fact that it uses fat for energy, but provides enough protein and nutrients for basic body mechanisms (skin repair and replacement, body cell repair and replacement, hormone and protein production, etc.)

HCG + the HCG diet = the perfect pairing for getting the right results.

Medical HCG Diet