The HCG Diet For Skinny-Fat People

...Like Me.

*NOTE* This is a post I wrote while I was going through the HCG Diet Program. I thought I'd share it now to help other skinny-fat people out there. ;)  Summer is approaching - feel empowered with options!

I absolutely LOVE this HCG Diet program!!!

I'll admit, no matter what people tell you, there are the occasional hunger spurts and cravings for forbidden foods. And those times are not easy, but all that's needed to get me through them are the numbers on my scale each morning! I'm not kidding. I've lost an overage of 1/2 lb. a day. That's 3.5 lbs. a week! And here's the REALLY good news - It's all FAT!!! Recordable, measurable, trackable - it's FAT. Maybe if you've never really tried to lose fat, you won't be able to appreciate those numbers. If you have, you know what it means to see that consistent drop - not in just weight, but specifically in FAT!!!

I'm a Skinny-Fat Person

You've probably read about those people who lose 1-2 lbs. a day on this HCG Diet. I've seen it - It's real! It's not at all uncommon for men, in general, or women who are truly overweight. Why am I not getting those numbers? … Easy - I'm not overweight, but I am overFAT. What does this mean? My BMI says, “I'm healthy”. My dress size says, “I'm thin”. My weigh scale says, “No worries”… or at least it would, if it didn't have the ability to measure my Body Fat %. My mirror says, “Cottage cheese, anyone?” (Yeah, for ways to fix that, check out our Cellulite Section.  I'll be adding more detailed information and specific programs to help you: Understand It!  -  Prevent It!  -  Fix It!  -  Fake It 'Till You Make It!)

My Yo-Yo Diet & Exercise Experience

I've spent hours in the gym working to tone my muscles with weighted exercises, and it's worked. Unfortunately, the fat remained. Then I'd cut back my calories to try to “trim up” and I'd LOSE the MUSCLE I'd just worked so hard to get. I suppose you could call that a different form of yo-yo dieting. What I LOVE so much about the HCG Diet is the ability to keep my muscle while losing my fat. Also, I like that I'm seeing my thighs go down vs. my bust. There was nothing more frustrating then losing my muscle AND my breasts all while the fat that had settled in as “saddle bags” wouldn't budge!

I'm Almost There

So, I'm about another week away from reaching my goal. That doesn't sound so hard. I've made it this far and I'm loving what I'm seeing.

PS - Did I mention that my “skinny jeans”, which used to be a second skin, are now loose in all the important areas. They fit, straight out of the dryer, like they used to fit the second or third day. - Yeah, I'm loving it!

***WARNING*** Not every form of hCG being sold is the real thing.  For suppliers of REAL HCG, check out Purchase Real HCG. To understand the difference, and read more about the terrible side effects we had when using the fake hCG, check out HCG - Injections vs. Drops.  

What About You

Are you a skinny-fat person? Are you ready to do something about it?

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