Results Take Time

Keep Going!

It’s easy to get discouraged with your fitness goals. Your sweaty, tired, and sore in places you didn’t know existed. A few weeks go by, and you start to notice little changes: your clothes start fitting a little differently, you feel more energized, and you’re more aware of your body as you move (in a good way – haha!). You’re excited by the changes you’re seeing, only…no one else notices. This can be a little discouraging.

12 Week Body Makeover Breakdown. It takes 12 weeks.

12 Weeks Fitness

Here’s a little thing to keep in mind.

It takes:

  • 4 weeks for you to see your body changing.
  • 8 weeks for friends and family to see it, and
  • 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice the new you.

So, each month you cross a new threshold…if you keep going.

4 Weeks: You See Your Body Changing

The first month, your reward is personal. It’s important to take the time to notice it, even if others don’t. There are things that only you can know about your body. Only you know how you feel. Also, there’s the reality that you are your worst critic. You’ll notice the little improvements because you were painfully aware of any little flaw. I suppose that’s the upside of over-scrutinizing yourself: you’re aware of the improvements faster.

8 Weeks: Friends & Family See Your Results

Right about now, your friends and family members are starting to take notice of the new you. Those who know you’ve been working hard will be the first to say anything, as they encourage you that all your hard work is paying off. Next, the ones who have no idea the amount of hours and sweat you have been putting into your new physique will start asking, “Is that a new outfit? Did you do something different with your hair? What have you been doing?” Some may notice the changes in your body directly. Others may simply tell you you’re looking great. Either way, take it all in and enjoy it. This is part of your reward and confirmation that things are on track. Don’t worry; the rest of the world will start taking notice soon.

12 Weeks: The World Begins To Notice The New You

Finally! Your body is changing enough that the world around you is starting to take notice. Coworkers are saying how good you look. Acquaintances ask you if you’ve lost weight. Maybe you’re even beginning to turn a few heads. This is definitely a confidence booster and revives the motivation to keep working hard.

What If No One Noticed?

You know that your body is changing and it seems like no one else is noticing. Why hasn’t anyone said anything? Don’t worry. Remember that people are a lot more nervous about complementing people’s bodies these days. Not only are they unsure of if it’s appropriate, but they run the risk of offending you for how you looked before. It’s ok to open up about your goals and what you’re doing. You might inspire someone else to take the journey too.

Remember, Results Take Time – Keep Going!

What About You?

Where are you at in your journey? Did you find this timeframe true for you? What were some of the first changes you saw? When did your friends and family see the changes? Any fun stories of when the rest of the world took notice? Share with us!


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