Aerial Yoga - Learn To Fly

Aerial Yoga

Otherwise known as Flying Yoga or Anti-Gravity Yoga.

This form uses a type of hanging "hammock" that an individual uses to perform various yoga position in an anti-gravity position. It incorporates some aerial moves and pilates. You just might feel like you are beginning your training for the aerial acrobatics at Cirque du Soleil, but hey, who doesn't want to do that?

An Introduction to Aerial Yoga

Some Specific Aerial Yoga Exercises

A Little Aerial Yoga Fun

Here's a quick and fun video where Christopher Harrison teaches Sherri some basics moves on The View. Too funny!

Other Yoga Adventures

For some extra adventures, practice your balance while performing yoga on a slack-line or work on your acrobatics with a friend.

YogaSlackers - "no cheating the line"


What About You?

Do you have any yoga adventures you'd like to share with us or any you're hoping to try out in the future?


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