Bodyweight Fitness Bundle - 37 Programs for $37

I Felt Selfish Not Passing This On

As I was getting this deal for myself (how can I not?!?), I was forwarding the link to a few close friends and family members and I realized that I was still being a little selfish. Here I have a group of people who are interested in health, fitness and weight loss, and I've got a ridiculously great deal that some of them might want to take advantage of. 

This Bodyweight Fitness Bundle includes 37 different Full programs: books, videos, diets & more! From isometrics & rehab programs to bodybuilding & marine drills to parkour, cardio, yoga & more!

Individual Programs Will Be Reviewed  

We will be doing reviews on each of these programs in the future and showing you which ones are best and how you can get them individually, but this deal really can't be beat!  I can't guarantee how great each program is, but if even one of them is great, or two of them are good - I'll be happy with my investment! For details on each of the programs included, Check Here!



The Bodyweight Bundle 2.0 Includes All Of The Following…

  • 8 Bodyweight Muscle Building/Strength ebooks valued at $226.65
  • 6 Bodyweight Fatloss ebooks valued at $164.90
  • 6 Bodyweight Play/Trick/Misc ebooks valued at $192.89
  • 7 Bodyweight Workout Videos/ebooks valued at $179.88
  • 4 Bodyweight Nutrition/Six Pack Abs ebooks valued at $108.75
  • 4 Bodyweight Rehab/Stretching/Warm Up ebooks valued at $160.90

Total Value of Bodyweight Bundle 2.0…. $1,033.97!


You Can ONLY Buy Them Through THIS LINK At The 97% Discount. 

What About You?

Did you get it? Did you find a new favorite you'd like to share? Maybe you'd even like to do a post on it? Do you like hearing about deals like this? Let me know!

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Fitness Tools: Nike Studio Wraps

I just LOVE these!
Ok, technically, I love the idea of these as I have yet to get my very own pair…but don't worry, I will.

As a dancer, yoga and Pilates enthusiast, I really appreciate the versatility of these wraps. They have four different ways to wear them, so they're able to change with your needs. 

If you're looking for:

  1. Basic protection of the foot while having more control with bare toes,
  2. More support through the arch while having more control with bare toes,
  3. Arch support with a whole slipper that grips, or
  4. Just a flat slipper with minor tread,

You get all of them with the Nike Studio Wrap.

These may just become my favorite shoes!

Nike Studio Wraps for Dance

Nike Studio Wrap Collage

Saying “I'm a dancer” is a bit of a catchall phrase as there are many forms of dance, but I love them all! I've done everything from ballet and jazz to hip-hop and belly dancing. I love ballroom, salsa, modern, ancient and numerous cultural dances I've learned from different countries and villages. Dance is a beautiful expression and interpretation of music and gives an insight to people and culture.

Different dance styles require different shoes for performance, but most forms are practiced with slippers, socked or bare feet (with a few exceptions). Even dances that will have you on pointe or in heels would kill your feet if you practiced in them all of the time. To protect the foot, but still get close to bare feet, there are even footundeez. Check them out!

Nike Studio Wraps are so versatile! They can replace several different dance shoes and be carried in a great little bag. If you're like me, and like to practice several forms of dance, being able to easily build up the support or strip it down to the basics and not have to carry around multiple shoes is the best! No limitations because you don't have the right gear.

Nike Studio Wraps For Yoga

Nike Studio Wraps for YogaYoga is usually performed barefoot, which I love. Still, there are some poses where a little more traction would be nice - especially during Bikram yoga (hot yoga - performed in a room approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit or 40.6 degrees Celsius).

One of the best things I learned from yoga was the phrase and idea:

“If it's available to you...”

Often yoga instructors say, “If it's available to you today…” followed by some sort of challenge to try the harder pose or movement. I loved this expression and have carried its concept into many areas of my life. The idea is to listen to our bodies and understand that not every day and moment are the same and to work within our true limitations while not allowing false ones to hold us back. What does this have to do with Nike Studio Wraps? Some days, I might need a little more traction. Some days I might feel more comfortable with a little more arch support. Some days, doing that pose barefoot might not be "available to me".

Nike Studio Wraps For Pilates

Pilates is a lot more involved than most people who have “tried it” know. Though I grew up with Calanetics, which is largely based on a modified form of floor and barre-style Pilates, my first exposure to using the Pilates machines was following a major vehicle accident. I was put through several different types of therapies, but working on the Pilates machines were the most effective for my SI and low back. It was amazing!

Pilates push through bar with feet

I remember one exercise in particular where I wish I had a pair of Nike Studio Wraps. It was performed barefoot, because I really needed your feet to grip the bar. Lying down on the trapeze table (Pilates Cadillac), I used my feet to grip the bar, extend it out, bring it back by bending my knees and then re-extending it into the upper position. Here is a video to show you a little of what I was doing (starting around 49 seconds), but I did mine while holding my butt off of the table. All I can say is, it's hard to hold on to that bar with my feet during all of that! I'll take a pair of Nike Studio Wraps please!

Nike Studio Wraps and Barefoot Running

men barefoot running on the beachThanks to much research (and experimentation) by my wonderful husband, Joseph, I have come to appreciate the strengths and limitations of barefoot running. Joseph had flat feet - and I mean flat. He also had a lot of cramping in his feet. Through various exercises and strengthening of the foot, he has raised his arch and significantly reduced pain in his feet. (Details for how he did this will come in another post.)

Some limitations of barefoot running come in especially when making the transition from the normal, extremely supportive and cushioned shoes. People can really hurt themselves. It's like lifting heavy weights for the first time - it's important that build up strength first. Transitioned correctly, there is a lot to be said for training barefoot.

This is one more area where Nike Studio Wraps come in. You can transition and add or take away support as needed. It really allows you to customize your gear (shoes) along with customizing your workout. I will note that this is a "studio" wrap, so the actual wrap portion (without the slipper) should only be used indoors, if you want it to last.

A Closer Look at Nike Studio Wraps

A closer look at Nike Studio WrapsI think that it's so much nicer to be able to look at shoes up close, so here are a few images to let you get a closer look at the wraps, slipper flats and bottom of the Nike Studio Wraps (so you can see the traction).

Also, here's a list of what you should find inside your Nike Studio Wrap box (shown in detail on the video):

  • The Studio Wraps
  • Two Arch Support Ribbon Ties
  • The Slipper Flats
  • Bag to Carry it All

Nike Studio Wraps Give You Options

The little treaded slipper portion could even be worn like the ever-popular ballet flat. So you can wear them in and out - sweating in your workout or out with friends. They come in many different colors too! You can buy different wraps (without the slipper flat) so that you can change it up. I just love these!

Nike Studio Wrap Colors

What About You?

Do you have them, want them or not like them? If you have them, let us all know what you like or dislike about them, where you use them and what they're best for. If you're hoping to get some - what are you most looking forward to using them for? Which colors do you want?

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Why I DON'T Do Side Planks

Exercises that Destroy your Waistline

Side Planks destroy my waistline - especially if they're pulsed (continued up and down) or weighted. As a woman, I understand that no matter what size you are, a waist that's smaller than you're your chest and hips is a desirable look to achieve. Side planks can build bulk exactly where I like to slim.

What do I do instead?

Russian side twist with kettlebell

No-weight Russian side twists.

I didn't know they were called this when I started doing them, which was back with Denise Austin's Super Stomachs / Rock Hard Tummies.

Whether standing upright or sitting/laying on the floor, the focus is about creating a twist between the upper and lower body. I don't use weights because the more resistance, the more bulk - that's a foundational fitness truth. Instead, I seek to create endurance fatigue. This means that it should be an easy activity that only becomes difficult because I'm doing it for an extended period of time, without a break.

Standing Russian Twist

The image to the right shows the motion of a standing Russian twist with a kettlebell. You can use lightweight if you desire, but I often do the exercise with nothing but my arms. I really like how this image shows the muscles being activated by this simple twisting motion.

Seated Russian Twist

This next image is a basic diagram of the twist performed while seated in a standard "sit-up" position.

Seated Russian Twist - Sit-up Position

Seated Russian Twist Variations

This next image provides a great breakdown of options for the seated Russian Twist, including:

  • Modified Version with the feet on the ground - this is good if you have low back problems, or if you're just starting out.
  • Regular Version with the feet being held in the air - The lower body will do a slight twist as well.
  • Advanced Version with feet off the ground, alternate legs between bent knee and straight legs. Various versions of the Russian Twist

Men vs. Women

This post speaks more to women. Though a tapered waist is considered desirable on a man as well, men usually seek to build that six-pack abs definement that requires additional bulk. With this in mind, men, weights and repetitions are actually encouraged.

Weighted side planks - man and woman

NOTE: I'm not against side planks - they can be very useful for establishing balance and for continuous movement in things like dance and yoga. I simply don't use them for my personal fitness goal of a slimmer waist, as they don't slim - they bulk.

What about you?

What are your favorite waist slimming exercises? Do you have other areas where you want to tighten but not bulk? Share with us your tips and questions.

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You Didn't Train Hard Enough

If You Still Look Cute at the End of Your Workout.

You Didn't Train Hard Enough.

I'm just sayin' wink

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Results Take Time

Keep Going!

It’s easy to get discouraged with your fitness goals. Your sweaty, tired, and sore in places you didn’t know existed. A few weeks go by, and you start to notice little changes: your clothes start fitting a little differently, you feel more energized, and you’re more aware of your body as you move (in a good way – haha!). You’re excited by the changes you’re seeing, only…no one else notices. This can be a little discouraging.

12 Week Body Makeover Breakdown. It takes 12 weeks.

12 Weeks Fitness

Here’s a little thing to keep in mind.

It takes:

  • 4 weeks for you to see your body changing.
  • 8 weeks for friends and family to see it, and
  • 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice the new you.

So, each month you cross a new threshold…if you keep going.

4 Weeks: You See Your Body Changing

The first month, your reward is personal. It’s important to take the time to notice it, even if others don’t. There are things that only you can know about your body. Only you know how you feel. Also, there’s the reality that you are your worst critic. You’ll notice the little improvements because you were painfully aware of any little flaw. I suppose that’s the upside of over-scrutinizing yourself: you’re aware of the improvements faster.

8 Weeks: Friends & Family See Your Results

Right about now, your friends and family members are starting to take notice of the new you. Those who know you’ve been working hard will be the first to say anything, as they encourage you that all your hard work is paying off. Next, the ones who have no idea the amount of hours and sweat you have been putting into your new physique will start asking, “Is that a new outfit? Did you do something different with your hair? What have you been doing?” Some may notice the changes in your body directly. Others may simply tell you you’re looking great. Either way, take it all in and enjoy it. This is part of your reward and confirmation that things are on track. Don’t worry; the rest of the world will start taking notice soon.

12 Weeks: The World Begins To Notice The New You

Finally! Your body is changing enough that the world around you is starting to take notice. Coworkers are saying how good you look. Acquaintances ask you if you’ve lost weight. Maybe you’re even beginning to turn a few heads. This is definitely a confidence booster and revives the motivation to keep working hard.

What If No One Noticed?

You know that your body is changing and it seems like no one else is noticing. Why hasn’t anyone said anything? Don’t worry. Remember that people are a lot more nervous about complementing people’s bodies these days. Not only are they unsure of if it’s appropriate, but they run the risk of offending you for how you looked before. It’s ok to open up about your goals and what you’re doing. You might inspire someone else to take the journey too.

Remember, Results Take Time – Keep Going!

What About You?

Where are you at in your journey? Did you find this timeframe true for you? What were some of the first changes you saw? When did your friends and family see the changes? Any fun stories of when the rest of the world took notice? Share with us!

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Aerial Yoga - Learn To Fly

Aerial Yoga

Otherwise known as Flying Yoga or Anti-Gravity Yoga.

This form uses a type of hanging "hammock" that an individual uses to perform various yoga position in an anti-gravity position. It incorporates some aerial moves and pilates. You just might feel like you are beginning your training for the aerial acrobatics at Cirque du Soleil, but hey, who doesn't want to do that?

An Introduction to Aerial Yoga

Some Specific Aerial Yoga Exercises

A Little Aerial Yoga Fun

Here's a quick and fun video where Christopher Harrison teaches Sherri some basics moves on The View. Too funny!

Other Yoga Adventures

For some extra adventures, practice your balance while performing yoga on a slack-line or work on your acrobatics with a friend.

YogaSlackers - "no cheating the line"


What About You?

Do you have any yoga adventures you'd like to share with us or any you're hoping to try out in the future?

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