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Cellulite - Understand It!

Simply put, cellulite is fat pushing against the connective tissues of the skin. This creates the tell–tale lumpy, dimpled look we all fear.

Cellulite is NOT a fat problem (though excess fat will only increase the appearance). Cellulite is a SKIN problem.

The best visual example I have come up with is a basket – when the weave is tight, the contents within are not seen. If this weave loosens, what’s inside will press against the sides and bulge out.

To best understand this, we have to start with Understanding the Skin You're In.

Cellulite - Skin Structure

Our focus is the connective tissues in both the dermis and hypodermis:

  • Collagen  – skin strength

  • Elastin  – skin elasticity or spring

  • Reticular Fibers  – supportive framework (specifically of the lymphatic system)

  • Glycosaminoglycans  – gives skin it's plumpness

  • Septae  – anchor to connect skin to the underlying tissues and muscles

  • Blood Vessels  – transporting blood to and from the tissues, both feeding and removing toxins and waste.

As we will address in our Prevent It!  section, our primary goal is to nourish these connective tissues. If our bodies get the materials they need to rebuild and regenerate, this will help limit the laying down of fibrin, which creates negative rigidity in these tissues (a primary concern when dealing with cellulite).

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