Professional vs. At Home Beauty Treatments

Which Should You Choose?

When comparing professional treatments to at home beauty treatments, you can't help but notice that the cost of just one professional treatment could often buy you those at-home beauty products you've been checking out. Here are some things to consider before you dive in either way.

Professional Beauty Treatments

When it comes to professional treatments of things that are also available for home use, I always have the same advice:

"If you’re not confident about the method or the value of a specific product or procedure, simply try a professional treatment first, to see how it’s done."

If you do try a professional treatment first, you'll usually find one of the following things:

  • It's easier than you thought, and you're thrilled to be able to do it at home whenever you want, and for much cheaper.
  • It's harder than you thought, and you're glad you found this out before investing in a do-it-yourself, at-home unit or product you will never use.
  • You're confident you can now do it at home because you watched a professional do it and now you're not afraid of doing it wrong.
  • You find out that the product or procedure are not for you (it didn't work, caused irritation, or isn't worth the time and/or money, etc.), and you saved yourself the investment in a do-it-yourself, at-home unit or product you will never use.

No matter which of these you discover, it can be worth trying a professional treatment as a sample before investing in a do-it-yourself, at-home unit or product.

At Home Beauty Treatments

Personally, I love the convenience and cost-effectiveness of at-home beauty treatments. The more I've done, the more confident I've become in knowing what I'm capable of and what I'd really use. This has come based on experience with both professional and at home treatments. As you get more experience, things will become less scary and daunting. Don't forget, we also have the forums where you can discuss things with people who have done whatever beauty treatment or product you're considering - so ask away.

Consider at home beauty treatments when:

  • The cost of one professional treatment is not much less than buying the at-home unit/product, which can be used for several treatments.
  • There's little to no risk involved (other than a possible mess or mild skin irritation).
  • The at-home unit or treatment is so inexpensive and proven that there's virtually no risk involved. It's really just about which method you prefer.

My Experiences

Things like teeth whitening, dermabrasion, and tinting eyelashes are all simple things that I don't even bat an eyelash at. I view them more like an extra long toothpaste, deeper scrub and messier mascara. I've upgraded to laser hair removal, micro-needling, and chemical peels all at-home now, but I had tried professional treatments for most of these first. Once I saw how easy it was, and knew what kind of skin irritation was normal, I was not afraid to do-it-myself.

When trying a new beauty treatment for the first time, I like to know what to expect. Sometimes that's as easy as a little research or a conversation with someone who's done it before (forums are great for this). If that's not enough to make me comfortable doing a treatment at home then I'll try a professional treatment first. There's a real assurance when a professional, who does this everyday, tells me that what I'm experiencing is normal. Then, I'm ready to put on my DIY gloves and get to work on that beauty treatment at home.

What About You?

What are your favorite DIY / at home beauty treatments? What would you be too afraid to do yourself? Share your stories with us!

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